Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post: Transitioning to Healthy Meals

The other day I was contacted by Sean from the Blog Content Guild, asking if he could do a guest post on my blog, and since Friday's are crazy busy for me it worked out perfectly that he could provide you all with a healthy, interesting post!  So I'm going to turn it over to Sean so he can share some creative tips for making healthy food more interesting as well as giving you some recipe ideas that are a sure way to help you get healthy, without having to give up your inner foodie!

Transitioning to Healthy Meals

Eating healthy can seem like a drag. There’s so much delicious food in the world, so why should
you limit yourself to just the healthy stuff? After all, you only live once. There are plenty of
ways to justify not eating healthy meals. At some point in your life, though, you’ll probably have
to slow down a little bit when it comes to junk food. As we age, our metabolisms often slow
down, and so do our energy levels. Eating healthy foods can help you stay trim, healthy, happy,
and energetic. Lucky for you, not all healthy foods taste like cardboard. Some of them actually
taste quite good, especially if they’re prepared the right way. All you need to do to start eating
healthy is get in the right mindset and commit yourself to the task. Here are some things you
can try out as you commence your healthy eating project:

Shop and Save

Start making more trips to the supermarket and cook your meals at your house. This will help
you save money because everyone knows eating out all the time can be seriously expensive.
Get ready for your trip to the store by making a shopping list. Add healthy food products to
your list, like fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and whatever else you like that’s healthy. If you stick
to buying the food products you’ve listed, you’ll only come home with stuff that’s good for you.
If you aren’t used to cooking for yourself, be patient and give yourself some time. There’s going
to be a learning curve, but just think about all the difficult things you’ve learned to do in your
life. Cooking is definitely something you can master. If you have trouble thinking of meal ideas
on your own, ask your friends what they like to cook or look up some recipes. For instance,
Rachael Ray’s book of recipes, 30 Minute Meals, is a great place to start, especially if you’re
pressed for time most days.

Make Nutritious Substitutions

You can play around with healthy substitutions for less than healthy ingredients. Try using some
applesauce rather than eggs when you make baked goods to reduce the cholesterol content
of your favorite sweet treats. Instead of butter, try a little coconut oil when you’re making
your meals. Coconut oil is super good for you and gives your body the kind of fat it needs. Mix
some fruit you like with plain yogurt in the morning for a quick, healthy breakfast. When you’re
craving your favorite afternoon snack, which just happens to be potato chips, consider making
some kale chips. They only take a few minutes to make in the oven and are incredibly good for
you. These are just a few of the nutritious substitutions you could try out. Feel free to do some
exploring on your own. The possibilities are endless!

So, get the right foods at the store, check out some easy recipes, and learn to cook your
favorite meals using healthier food products. Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a
while for doing such a good job of eating healthy. You can buy yourself a new shirt or go to a
movie or do just about anything you want to reward yourself. You’ll be able to afford it with all
the money you’ve saved eating in!

Thanks Sean for sharing these creative ideas with us!  If you have any questions for Sean about his post feel free to shoot me an email and I will be sure he gets it!  Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Anyone have any fun fall plans for the weekend?


  1. I love "healthifying" recipes with healthy substitutions! Healthy food doesn't have to be bland or boring. I love using bananas, beans, and applesauce in baking.

  2. @TaraI agree, applesauce is one of my favorite substitutes as well for baked goodies, haven't experimented much with beans though. I'll have to play with it!


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