Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day

Hope you all had a very happy Turkey Day!

In case you missed it here are some great winter running tips!

Not As Planned
My weekly fitness plan hasn't exactly been going as planned, but that's why it's called a plan right?  Although I haven't been doing everything to the T on my plan, I have still been getting good workouts in.

--> On Tuesday boot camp was a no-go, so I jumped in on the 6am spin class.  I then returned home took a little nap and then was out the door at 11 for a little 3 mile run.  Towards the end of my runs I always try to for a "kick" at the end.  Well, on the last curve of my run I noticed a guy behind me (don't know how long he was there) and as I slowed down to a walk near my apartment to end my run the guy who was behind me passed saying, "Nice pace you were keeping!" Wahoo!  Granted he probably only saw me on my last quarter mile kick, that's alright, I don't get told that I have a good pace very often!  So note to self, compliment people on their running (among other things), you have no idea how great it might make them feel... Sometimes a little reminder is all a person needs :)

       40 minutes spin + 3 mile run = Cardio Queen (Random question: why does "cardio" show up as  
       spelled wrong in my reader... it's spelled correctly, isn't it?!  Why is it not a common word in the 
         virtual dictionary?)

--> Friday I was not feeling the greatest since I went out with these people the night before...

Although I did go for a 2 mile walk in the morning and a fifteen minute walk later in the day with the family, I didn't get my run in for the Virtual Turkey Trot like I was hoping.

--> Today I did Ashley's Virtual Turkey Trot!  I don't have a printer and I didn't think it would be appropriate to print my race bib at work, so here's me with my race bib on...

I know, I'm lame, and sweaty.  I ran my 4 miles in 35:40!  I'm not an overly fast runner, but I tried to push myself since I ate tons of food yesterday.

Thanksgiving Strategy 
Like most people I like to indulge and enjoy myself on Thanksgiving (well let's be real that's any day for me).  And also like most people I do worry about over indulging, gaining weight, and feeling sick at the end of the day.  So yesterday I didn't limit myself, however my strategy was to think about the food I put in my mouth, really taste it not just inhale it and listen to my body (Is it full? Am I going to regret this tomorrow? Etc.).

I cannot say that I didn't eat a ton, but I can say that I was more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth, instead of just shoving food in because everyone else around me is.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and took time to remember what they are thankful for in life!


  1. haha! love the pic with the computer :)

  2. thanks for linkin up girl! o love the last picture:) very cute

  3. @AshleyThanks! I need to get better at this MMM thing... more consistent and I need to remember the icon! I'll be better from now on :)


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