Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Running Tips

While out for my morning run yesterday, I found myself thinking of all the winter running tid bits I have learned over my time of running here in the Midwest.  So from one winter runner to another, here are my winter running tips...
  1. Shorten your strides- with the ground being icy you should shorten your strides to prevent slipping on icy paths.
  2. Strategically plan your route- Run past businesses, schools, hospitals or on state trails, they are more likely to have their sidewalks cleared and salted after a snowfall.  If you find a particular loop that is always clear, run loops on that path.
  3. Outsmart the weather- Try to stay away from open roads.  Run on city blocks with tall buildings or in an area that has a lot of trees to help fend off the wind and/or snow.  Any little bit helps!
  4. Avoid icy roads and sidewalks at all cost- Go to the other side of the street, see #2, do anything you can do to avoid icy paths, especially going up and down hills. 
  5. Be realistic- Don't get discouraged if your outdoor mile time gets slower during the winter season. You should and have to slow down during the winter due to the snow and the cold temps (takes your body longer to warm up).  This doesn't mean you should settle,  keep pushing yourself! 
  6. Be flexible-When the winter months hit, it is colder in the morning (just like in other times of the year), if your schedules allow try to run in the middle of the day when it is at it's warmest.  
  7. Hydrate- As the winter months ride in people drink less and less water.  Even though you may not be able to see the sweat when you workout, does not mean that it is not there. You can sweat as much as you do in the summer, especially when you are bundled up in lots of layers.  Drink plenty of water before, during and after your run. 

Blonde Moment

On my way in from my run yesterday I had a total blonde moment!  I looked down at my Garmin and it said 3.51 miles, and I really wanted to be able to put 4 pennies in my running reward jar so I thought I will just run to the other entrance in my building to complete my four miles.  As I ran to the other entrance in my building I saw my Garmin  approaching 3.59 miles and was excited that I would reach the 4 mile mark... that is until I remember I am looking at miles, not minutes!

Side note: please don't be offended that I used the terminology "Blonde Moment"

Here is this weeks fitness plan... and here it what has actually happened....

3.63 miles/32 minutes
2.10 miles/20 minutes

I ended up splitting my running up yesterday because my sister called and asked if I could watch my nephew, which happened to be at the exact time I was going to workout.  I'm a sucker and said yes, and ran out the door to get a partial run in.  I missed yoga due to babysitting, which isn't the end of the world, and then fit in a couple more miles after my last client.

30 minute bike (moderate intensity)
45 minute strength training

Here's what my lift looked like...

KB (elevated) Sum Squat 4x12
SB Walk-About 1x around

Upright Bar Row 4x12
Dips 4x12

DB Incline Press 4x12
MB Slammers 4x20

Between each pair of exercises previously mentioned I did the following...

Tread Wall Climb 1:30
Skater x 20
Bird-Dog Pushups x 10

Post workout I had the most RaNdOm snack...

I know random!

I lost 5 pounds... of hair that is! Okay maybe it wasn't 5 pounds, but I definitely lost about 6 inches.


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