Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October in Review + Halloween Light Show

I noticed that I have a few new followers... WELCOME! It's actually quite perfect timing for you to stop by because it's time to review October!  Here's a quick look at what happened here at Wealth is Health last month...

Killer workout 1, 2, and 3

Delicious eats: pumpkin spice dip, chocolate chip pan cookies, chewy pumpkin spice cookies, and spaghetti squash lasagna 

Ran a half marathon (unofficially)

 Apple orchard/pumpkin patch adventures

Joined Motivate Me Monday

Ran my first 10 mile race... by the way I got my official results!
Chip Time = 1:31:47  
Gun Time = 1:32:01
Overall Placing = 87/130
Age Bracket (20-29 years old) = 7/9


I of course had to go and see my niece and nephew in their costumes...best looking prince and princess I've ever seen!

And now for your viewing pleasure...

I heard about this house on the news, so my family and I decided we had to go check it out.  This family spent hours synchronizing their lights to the music.  They had three songs that they used and the music was played on a separate radio station... I can't even begin to imagine how they did this whole production!

Hope your All Saints Day isn't a drag from all that Halloween candy last night ;)


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