Monday, November 21, 2011

The Wheels are Back on the Wagon

First, let's get this random little bit out of the way...this morning I tweeted this....


So don't be surprised if you see a post saying that I lost 5 pounds, that just means I cut my hair short :) 

Fitness Plan
I kind of fell off the wagon of posting my weekly fitness plan after I ran my half marathon.  It's not that I have not been working out, it's just that I have been doing what I feel like each and every day since I'm not officially training for anything yet.  The only requirement I am making for myself is to increase my running mileage to about 20 (give or take a couple) miles a week, since I am planning to start a marathon training plan soon.  Without further ado here is this weeks plan...

Monday: 45 minute run + yoga
Tuesday: Lift + bike
Wednesday: Bootcamp + 60 minutes cardio
Friday: Lift + 30 minutes cardio
Saturday: 5 mile easy run
Sunday: Run/Day off  

"Diet" Plan
Alright, I hate the word diet, I don't ever actually diet, however I do try to change my habits so that I have life long healthy eating habits... I often fail, but that doesn't mean I can't keep trying.  So here are a couple things I plan to work on during this holiday week:

  1. Eat snacks regularly. Note to self: Desserts (aka the Funfetti cookies I made last night) don't count as a snack, fruits and veggies are good snack choices.
  2. When a sweet craving hits drink a glass of water or tea before deciding to have a treat. 
  3. Eat regular size portions, not ones that Paul Bunyan would eat. 
What are you fitness and "diet" goals for the week?  


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