Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cram, Cram, Cram

Today was a day of total chaos! All day I was rushing around!  Here was what it looked like:

6:50- Rise and Shine!
7:10- Out the door on my 5 mile run (this took longer than I expected since NO ONE clears their sidewalks... annoying!!)
8:05- Return from my run scoop up my things and get to the REC to meet my friend for lifting
8:40- Shower and get started at work on our event this weekend... Indoor Tri... work, work, work
10:30- Biomechanics class
12:00- Quick warm up my lunch... General Tso's chicken and rice (best left overs ever)!
12:15- Back to working on our event- logistics, graphics, t-shirt orders, volunteers and scoring... we were having a major crisis, because there were no records from the previous GA about how scoring was done and it's pretty complicated (we got it figured out now!)
4:30- Interpretation of Statistical Data class
5:30- Work on my take home test in Muscle Physiology that is due tomorrow... eek!
7:00- UW-L Women's Basketball game... they won and will be advancing onto the second round of play offs!
9:00- Grabbed a friend to help me dig my car out of the snow that I got stuck in this morning when I was parking... luckily the snow softened a bit so it was easy compared to when I tried this morning
9:10- Work more on my take home test

Fast forward to the future...
10:15- Intramural Basketball game
Who knows when- PASS OUT!

Whew!  Hope your day wasn't quite as hectic as mine!  What was the highlight of your day?  Mine was definitely the women's basketball game :)


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