Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VO2 Max

Human Performance Lab
In my lab today, we were testing aerobic capacity through VO2 max testing.  We used the Bruce Treadmill Test protocol, which is described below...

MPH     Grade     Time (mins)
1.7        10           0-3
2.5        12           3-6
3.4        14           6-9
4.2        16           9-12
5.0        18           12-15
5.5        20           15-18
6.0        22           18-21
6.5        24           21-24
7.0        26           27-30

In this test you try to go as far in the procedure as you can, I made it about 13 minutes into the test (5.0 mph).  There was only one person in the class who made it to the 5.5 mph level.  This test is seriously tough with the enormous grade levels (and a mask used to capture expired air).  Even if you do not have the equipment to measure VO2 Max and other measures, you should try the protocol.  Let me know how far you make it. My VO2 max was 44.7 ml/kg.  Have you ever taken a VO2 max test? 

Tuesdays are always crazy days full of classes and work for me.  So today I split my workout into three different parts.  1.) 20 minute bike ride when I woke up  2.) VO2 max test (only about 15 minutes of activity, but I worked up a little sweat)  3.) Pilates in the afternoon

Breakfast: Smoothie (yogurt, blueberries, peanut butter, clementine)
Lunch: Salad with Tuscan Italian dressing (best flavored Italian ever!), carrots, egg and cheese practice \
Snack: Strawberry fruit snacks 
Dinner: General Tso's chicken and rice, peas and cheese, cookie dough (sans eggs)

When I went to the grocery store the other weekend I picked up a bottle of General Tso's sauce!  General Tso's is my favorite Chinese entrée that I always order whenever we get Chinese food.  Today I decided to bust open the bottle!  I grilled up chicken and cooked some white rice and then poured a little sauce over the chicken and rice... Heaven in a bowl!  I'm super happy that I have left overs for lunch tomorrow!!  


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