Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thanksgiving in February

Today we had our monthly all-staff meeting at work. All-staff meetings are a great time for a college student because not only do we get a free meal, but the food is always delicious! Today the meal provided was like a Thanksgiving meal.  It seemed even more so like a Thanksgiving meal because the turkey we ate was from our Turkey Trot in November that me and my crew put on.  Also on the menu were Bush's Baked Beans (originated from where my boyfriend is from!), coleslaw, potato salad, hummus and chips!  I don't know if you caught that last part, but I said hummus!  I LOVE hummus!  I have never had success making it, but I love store bought hummus as a dip for just about anything or in a sandwich.  Hummus is a treat for me because it is kind of expensive, so when I saw that hummus was on the buffet line I DUG IN!  I definitely had my fair share and then some.  Does anyone have a hummus recipe that has been successful for them?

For exercise today I did my four mile run outside!  I woke up with the best attitude ever about my run, because I knew it was going to be nice enough outside to enjoy my run.... that does not happen very often during this time of the year in Wisconsin.  Four miles flew by AND with the use of my heart rate monitor that I get to use for the semester through my Human Performance program, I was able to keep myself close to my goal pace of 9:30 the whole time!  I normally run way to fast for my running level and in turn burn out and get tired very easily.  Over the past couple workouts I have noticed that my ideal heart rate to keep me at my goal pace is between 160-180 bpm. Do you use a heart rate monitor?  What brand do you have?  On top of my run I was supposed to have an intramural basketball game, but it got cancelled due to the other team forfeiting.  When I heard this I was actually relieved because our game is at 10:15pm... WAY too late for this kid!! Last week I could not get to bed until 1:30am because my body was so alert after playing.

After finishing all my work at the office and my classes I headed to the UW-L men's basketball game, since the girls were on the road tonight.  This is one of the things that I love about doing my Masters here where I did my undergrad because I am still able to support the basketball program that I used to play for.  Both the men's and women's teams have been doing great this year!  The women have almost clenched the 2nd spot in the conference and the boys are in line to be #3 in the conference.  Woo, go Eagles!

Where did you go for undergrad/grad school?


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