Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Feast on a College Budget

Today's Eats
Multi Grain Cheerios w/milk
Iced coffee

1 egg whites (hard boiled)

Wacky Mac Alfredo
Carrot slices
Celery w/PB

Ramen noodles (gotta love the college budget)

I generally try to eat a fairly healthy and balanced meal even though I am on a tight budget since I am a full time student.  Although today is not the greatest example of that, I usually have pretty balanced meals during the week.  Below I have listed my top 10 tricks that I use when "eating on a budget" or anytime really!:

1. Buy items that are on sale and use coupons.
2. Shop around the outside of the store.
3. Buy primarily produce.
4. Have 2 or 3 meals a week that are a simple pasta (cheap food) and add some veggies as a side to vamp up the health rating of the meal.
5. Buy one thing that is salty, one that is sweet and one that I just want each month... stay strong on this!
6. Grocery shop every week... since I tend to buy a lot of produce and it can go bad quickly, I buy only what I will need for the week so that I do not waste food.
7. I try to use one canned, frozen or boxed food each week because who know how long it has been in there and it is perfectly good food! If I don't force myself to incorporate it into a meal, I will just continue letting it sit  on my shelf or in my freezer.
8. Make a list and do not allow yourself to purchase more than 1 things that is not on there (you can do it!)
9. Take an inventory of your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer so you know what you have.
10. Make a general weekly meal plan before you go shopping so you know what you do and do not need that week.


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