Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kill the Bill

Today's weather was a precursor to my murky mood today.
The blah weather
I think I am burning out with working full-time, going to school full-time and training for my half marathon.  I don't really have too many options to lessen my load other than cutting out my half marathon training, but if you knew me you'd know the only way I would stop working out is if I got injured (knock on wood).

This week has been a huge week for our state!  Governor Walker is proposing a bill to "fix" the budget.  There has been a lot of hullabaloo about the issue in the state.  Many of our La Crosse area schools closed (along with others throughout the state) down in protest to the bill.  There are a lot of articles and opinions out there about the issue and it has completely taken over Facebook in Wisconsin!  Being a future government employee as well as my boyfriend being a government employee (he's a teacher) this bill will affect us greatly if it is passed so we will be anxiously awaiting the results to the vote.  Stay tuned! Kill the Bill!

Smoothie (Strawberry yogurt, blueberries, coffee, mini chocolate chips)
Picante chicken noodles
Carrots & celery with hummus
Strawberry fruit snacks 

Corn dog
Hummus with pita chips

Homemade popcorn
Strawberry yogurt with Chocolate Cheerios 
Diet Brisk Iced Tea

Today was the first time in a couple weeks that I that I have been to spin class.  When I spin I use the cycling monitor to track how far I biked during the 40 minute class.  I tend to hit between 12 and 13 miles, so I know if I don't get to that point I am not getting the most out of my workout. How do you track your intensity during your workouts?  Before I started training for my half marathon I did spin twice a week religiously!  Now though, I keep my option open to do it twice a week, but I try to mix it up a little too by doing pilates or swimming to save my legs for my three running days every week.  Do any of you take a spin class?  


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