Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Official!

It's official!!  I just registered for my first half marathon!  The St. Clare Health Mission Half Marathon is part of the La Crosse Fitness Festival.  The Fitness Festival is a two-day celebration that gives area residents and vistors the opportunity to enjoy active and outdoor events in our gorgeous Mississippi River Valley.  The festival has races ranging from a full marathon to a 5K walk, youth events and cycling events.  The money raised from the Fitness Festival is donated to the St. Clare Health Mission, Youth Enrichment Association and Special Olympics of La Crosse.  One of my girl friends did the race last year and she said she enjoyed it, however she was disappointed that it didn't highlight the bluffs and river as much as it could have. Last year was her first time running a half marathon, so she asked if I wanted to do this race as my first half marathon too.  I jumped on the opportunity to have a friend to train with, now we're just hoping we will be able to run the majority of the race together at the same pace.

Kill the Bill Update
Last Thursday the 14 Democratic Senators fled Wisconsin to Illinois so that the vote on the budget bill would have to be postponed by law.  There are tons of articles on this event and many of the other events that have been taking place over the course of the last week.  My boyfriend and I went to Madison on Saturday to show our support to teachers like himself and millions of other government and union workers.

This ended up being an incredibly educational and eye opening experience!  This type of thing is not generally my scene, so I was really nervous at first.  I mean look at all these people...

I was not really sure what to expect when I showed up, but the protest was very peaceful.  It may have helped that any TEA Party people that were there left early when they saw they were highly outnumbered, so there was not much opposition!

Snow Business
On our way home from Madison it took what is normally a 3 hour trip, 5 hours because of the terrible snow storm!  It was reported 10 inches of snow yesterday.  We arrived back in Eau Claire at 3pm and I was hoping I would be able to drive back to La Crosse, but the snow DID NOT let up ALL DAY LONG so getting back to La Crosse yesterday was clearly out of the question.  I ended up making my trip back to La Crosse today, but it totally threw off my routine... I hate being thrown out of routine! Although I did make it back in time for my 10:30am class, I did not get my workout in today because I had to make up for lost time at work/school that I missed out on earlier in the day.  I'm ready to be done with all this snow business!

Since I spent the night in Eau Claire last night, I was not able to prepare my breakfast and lunch for today.  It was kind of nice, because I got some special treats today :)  First for breakfast I grabbed some Subway breakfast, this was my first time ever having their breakfast. The egg sandwich I got was very plain, but very satisfying!  I also grabbed some coffee, which had something go wrong with it... it tasted like burned nuts!  Yuck!

After my class and getting a little work done in the office, I proceed to go to one of the university cafeterias and order a hummus wrap.  I wish I would've had my camera on me, because it was a fabulous wrap!  Multi-grain wrap, hummus, provolone cheese, green peppers, lettuce, black olives, and avocado spread!  Even though I am not vegetarian, I love vegetarian options!!

For din din I was still hooked on my egg sandwich this morning so I made myself an English muffin with 2 egg whites, cheese and salsa on top.  On the side I had cheesy peas and lettuce topped with Zesty Italian dressing.  A little all over the menu on dinner, but all favorite foods of mine.


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