Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tri Stats

Just a quick update on the event I put on for work and participated in yesterday...

The Indoor Tri went beautifully!  It had a few glitches like any event does, but we were able to troubleshoot those glitches pretty easily!  Not only was this my first time putting on this event or any event like this, this was my first time ever participating in a triathlon! Granted it was not a true triathlon, it was a good way for me to get my feet wet and get my first taste of what triathlons are like.  My feelings... I love the idea of doing triathlons!  My only problem is I SUCK at swimming!  I have never really excelled at the front stroke (not a good one to miss out on)  because when I was a kid I used to get ear infections from swimming and so I did not like putting my ears and face in the water.  On my first length I was keeping up with everyone (PS also my first time swimming competitively with others), but on the way back I was sucking air already!!  Now I should tell you I did not do an ounce of training for the swimming portion, so maybe if I trained for that leg I would have felt a little better.  But I'm not going to lie the swim portion was the longest 10 minutes of my life.  So to sum it up if I really want to do triathlons I either need to suck it up and figure out a way to get through the swim portion OR do triathlons that have an event other than swimming (ie. kayaking).  Here are my stats from the Indoor Tri...

Overall Female: 16th out of 56
Female 20-29 Age Division: 9th out of 31
Female Event Leaders: SWIM- 47th out of 55 (I wasn't kidding you!)
                                    BIKE- 12th out of 59
                                    RUN- 11th out of 57

(The number of people that participated in each event was different because some people DQ'd for some events)

Total Mileage Traveled in the 45 minutes of activity: 11.51 miles (29th out of 85 male and female)

I didn't take any pictures on my own personal camera, but there were pictures taken on the camera at work, I'll try to get some of those as soon as I can :)


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