Thursday, September 29, 2011


No, not the TV show awkward, I'm talking real life awkward.  Being the only person in your yoga class awkward.  No music playing the entire class awkward.  You get my drift?

Anyway, that is exactly what happened to me yesterday morning. I had some extra free time and wanted to hit up a yoga class since my back has been getting sore a lot more than usual lately, so I tried out a yoga class at the Y that I have never been to.  Normally the 10:00 am Wednesday class does not fit in my schedule, but I have been satisfied with all the other yoga classes I have taken there so I decided to jump in on this class since I was free. I got to class about 5 minutes early, just as the class before us was ending. I didn't think much of it when all of those participants walked out and I was the only one left in the room (plus the teacher).  The instructor looked kind of nervous and said, "I wonder where everyone is? There's normally 6 or 7 other people." Well those 6 or 7 other people never showed up and we started the class with just me.

At first I was really uncomfortable, I mean I was the only one there to practice and there was no music playing.  I think the no music thing weirded me out the most, because I'm so used to it, but as we moved along I felt a different sense of peace and relaxation from the absence of music and being able to hear my breathe going in and out.  The instructor did a pretty good job of making me feel comfortable, including practicing with me rather than instructing me. She took me through all 12 yoga postures of a typical Sivananda yoga class, most of which were pretty basic moves, but we did do a couple that were very challenging for me.

Headstand (Sirasana)

Crow Pose (Kakasana)

I have had the opportunity to try the crow pose in a class before (and have never succeeded), but I have never had the opportunity to try the headstand until today. It was really ironic that I happened to take this class in which we tried the headstand, because I just commented on Tina's blog yesterday that I have never tried the move and that it scares the bejeezus out of me! Tina you'll be happy to hear that I did something that scares me yesterday!

After getting comfortable with the situation, I actually came to like my experience in class and was happy that I was the only one there.  Had I not been the only one there I would not have gotten the TLC I did from the instructor during the headstand and crow pose, which if I didn't already mention I failed miserably... something to work on though.

In addition to yoga in the morning I ran 3 miles, went to a Just Pump class and then ran 1.25 miles home.  The run home was killer since it was after lifting, but I needed it since it is a good simulation of what my legs will feel like on the home stretch of the half marathon I have coming up.

Have you ever been the only one in a group exercise class? 
What was your workout yesterday/today?

PS It's my birthday today!  :D


  1. mmm that does sound awkward!! Oh well, at least you got good one on one instruction :)

    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope its a good one dear

  2. Haha, I would hate being the only person in class!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  3. @Holly It's definitely a little strange, but there are worse things in the world :) Thanks!

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