Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Bye Summer + Book Reviews

Early morning at work (4:45am) makes for a very hungry girl at breakfast time (8:30am)!  So much so that when I stopped for gas on my way home from work I grabbed one of these...

I know... I was really hungry!  It wasn't too bad, but my homemade version is SO much better!

When I go up this morning to head to work I was shocked with how cold it was outside. I wasn't expecting the cold to come so quickly.  When I finished at 8:30am it was still really cold!

Good bye summer... it's been fun :(


Book Reviews
As you may know I love to read and since I passed my CSCS I have picked up my leisurely reading quite a bit!  I recently finished reading these two books!

Beginner's Half-Marathon Trainer & Run!
Beginner's Half-Marathon Train: The 14 Week Program (Jon Ackland)
This book is an awesome guide!  I've run a half before and I know some of the things to expect and feel, however, for all the things I read that I already knew, I learned one new thing or was given a wonderful reminder of something I pushed to the back of my mind. One of the things that has been most beneficial for me are the technique tips given in the reading.

Balance-   It is important to learn to balance the vertical weight of your body over your skeleton.  When tired a lot of people tend to "sit in a bucket" (I totally do!) which means that extra weight is being carried by the muscles rather than the bones. Doing this may increase your risk of injury, reduce your speed and make you fatigue sooner.

Foot Contact- Your foot should contact the ground directly beneath you.  This one I had to work on hard core, especially on hills!  When your foot lands ahead of your body, you experience a braking effect that slows you down (you don't even notice this, it just happens).  Keeping your pelvis directly over your feet will help you and it totally works your ab muscles.   Fun fact noted in the book...In a typical half-marathon a person will take approximately 21,00 strides, if you don't have proper technique you are wasting a lot  of energy!

Stable Platform- Good core stability will help you run faster! You ab muscles will help hold you pelvis more firmly, and if you paid attention above, that will make your foot contacts more fluid and reduce braking.  By holding your pelvis firmly you are able to use that energy towards running on the road rather than using it to counteract your pelvis rocking/dropping.

If you haven't perfected these, which I haven't but I am working on them, get going!  They will help you run with more fluidity and faster!

RUN! (Dean Karnazes)
While the previous book is more of an instructional book, RUN! is an inspirational and motivational book about an incredible runner! If you haven't read his Ultramarathon Man book, I highly recommend it, because it is also amazing. I believe he has a third book as well, which I have not read, but look forward to.  This book shares 26.2 stories about his life and running adventures.  It's an incredibly quick read because the stories capture your attention and the stories are very short.  Need some inspiration, here's some from Karno's book...
"Runners have some of their most profound revelations in the darkest grips of pain. What if we were to shift our mind-set and invite pain into our lives, welcome it and meet it head to head on our own terms rather than pop a pill to try to avoid it?... After all, pain is inevitable. Suffering, however, is optional."
"The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life." -Sheehan
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity for growth" - Einstein  
"There's a magic in misery."  
"Life is a series of obstacles and setbacks; living is overcoming them." 
If you want more inspiration, check out his book!  Totally inspiring and his life in general is an unbelievable story!

3 miles and some lifting ahead of me!  PS I am still incredibly sore from my workout on Monday... but it hurts so good :)


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