Friday, September 16, 2011

Doesn't Get Any Better Than This...

Life doesn't get any better than this...

 Oliver getting ready to "go to school" just like his big sister!  His sister just started her first year of kindergarten this year and he clearly admires her!  I'm loving his backwards hat, not sure where that comes from. 

Stopping to play a little ball on the way out the door. 

Looking for bugs!  Notice his camel toe from his flip flops he put on over his socks!  Oh... and they're on the wrong feet HAHA!  Love this goofy boy!

Working hard like his daddy!

Or this...

This has been my go-to breakfast lately.... 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal, vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, fennel seeds and peanut butter...Delish!

Or this...

I stole Tina's idea and it totally worked!!!  This is officially the way I make my coffee from now on!

Or this...

Pumpkin pecan concrete mixer... enough said. 

Or this...

My official CSCS certification came in the mail!  Wahoo! 

What was great about your Friday?

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  1. Congrats on the CSCS certification!! Hope you celebrated this weekend :)


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