Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty in Pink

This week is pretty low key for me as far as work goes, so I decided to head out to my sister's house to visit and go for a run (my half marathon is out in the country towards her house, so I'm trying to run parts of the course before hand).  

I'll take hanging out with this ham any day :)  My birthday is on Thursday, and even though I will see her on Thursday, she just couldn't wait and had to give me my present today.  Note: I swear it was her who couldn't wait, not me. Check out what she got me!

She bought me a purse, my favorite color by the way, and check out all the pockets inside! 

I will officially be using this purse everyday for the next 100 years of my life! Love it!

Inside were some goodies: Australian licorice, Kit Kats, Reeses M&Ms, and a coffee cup "cuff".  When I went to Australia a few years ago I fell in love with their licorice (and their Tim Tams) and got my family hooked on it!  They sell it at Walgreens and Target here in the US, I was stoked when I found that out after returning.  I'm sure these goodies will only last about 1.5 days, if that, in my house.  

After she gave me my sweet present we packed up Oliver and put him in the bike bugger to head out on a bike/run.  Britt biked while I ran, we took a 4 mile loop.  Running out on the country roads is definitely different than running on the city sidewalks and trails... going to have to head out there at least a few more times before my race in October! 

What is your favorite color? 
What is your favorite candy?  Have you ever tried Australian licorice? 


  1. That is a super cute purse! Even better that it's filled with treats! ;)

    My favorite color is green, favorite candy is peanut butter m&ms (or dark chocolate pb cups), and I've never tried Australian licorice.

  2. aww how sweet! That purse is too cute!

    My favorite color is purple, fave candy has got to be peanut m&m's (or anything else containing chocolate), and no I have never had Australian licorice..where can I get it?!

  3. @Holly Treats make anything better :) PB and chocolate is my favorite combo too!

  4. @Em Do you have a Target or Walgreens in your area? They should sell them there. They also sell it online, but it's uber expensive that way. Australian licorice is healthier and far more delicious than our form of licorice here :) PS If you don't have one of those stores in your area, let me know, I'll do some research for you.


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