Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Passed.... I Think!

This was my celebratory drink Friday afternoon after my test... Honey almond iced latte!  (I highly recommend you head to Caribou Coffee and try one.)

Shortly after I purchased and started sipping on my victory drink I took one last look at my test results that they printed out for me with a big smile of accomplishment on my face, I am officially certified to train clients! But as I continued to look at my results I noticed that the sheet only signified that I answered 80 questions.  For those of you who do not know the CSCS has two parts, 80 questions for the exercise physiology and nutrition part and 120 questions for the practical portion.

I started freaking out and looking even closer at the results.  Although my results said that I passed, the result report only shows that I passed part one of the exam. The exam proctor forgot to give me the print out for the second part of my exam!! I went from being on a total high to a frantic stage.  After my exam I was going to visit my aunt on the other side of Rochester and I was already well on my way, so I was totally disoriented and had no idea how to get back to the testing center. So heading back to the testing center to retrieve the other report was out of the question, so I looked for another option... there was a phone number on my print out for the NSCA office (not where I took the exam, but it is the overall governing body) so I called that number, but the office was already closed since it was 5pm on a Friday. My final thought was to check my email, maybe they send an automatic report with your score in it, no luck.  I had exhausted my options :(  So I don't know when I will find out whether I passed the entire exam or not.  I plan on calling the NSCA office and the testing center on Tuesday and hopefully they will tell me my score over the phone, but who knows what their policy is on that.  If worse comes to worse, I guess I wait 15 business days to see if they send my certificate to acknowledge that I passed. The whole experience was completely disheartening and I can't get it off my mind. All I want to know is if I'm officially certified to work with my clients!

Yesterday our entire family got together to celebrate Labor Day a little early.  We all headed up towards my uncle's cabin (aka second home), the afternoon consisted of great food, company, tire swinging, camp fires, games, and a whole lot more!

Tether ball... remember this game?!



My nephew's definitely going to be an athelte

Love my kiddos!

Game time!

Nothing more cabin than a tire swing
What are you doing for Labor Day?

Have you ever had a mix up like I did Friday?


  1. That's such a bummer that you don't know about your second test yet!! I hope you can get that figured out soon so you don't have to stress over it! I'm sure you did well. :)

    My labor day will consist of a run, work, and homework. Woohoo? I guess? Hah, it should be a good day though!

  2. @Holly Ya it was a major bummer... I feel good about it though, because I felt more confident about the second part than the first part... hopefully my feeling was right! What kind of classes are you taking this semester?


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