Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well Deserved

I just finished the largest (caloric) lunch I have had in a long time... but it was well deserved! I spent all morning out on the road and in the gym.

20 minute bike (to the gym)
3 mile run (26 minutes)
60 minute strength training
20 minute bike (back home)

Whew!  I was famished by the time I made it home, so lunch consisted of...

Ham & cheese wrap (the wrap itself was 200 calories, but I didn't care after my active morning)
Carrots & cheese
Protein pudding (200 calories) with peanut butter

It doesn't sound like a lot of food, but everything was very calorie dense.  I feel fully re-energized now though :)

Strength Training
Since my fitness plan call for two back-to-back strength training days I decided yesterday that I would do an upper body workout and today a full body workout.  The reason I decided to do this, was because I feel like my upper body doesn't fatigue, plus I don't want my legs to be totally fried for running.

Upper Body Workout (Yesterday)
Each section was done as a circuit

Push-Pull-Press (3 x 10)
Ab Triples (Full sit ups, MB twists, pikes 3 x 10 each)

EZ bar curl (3 x 6)
Hammer curl (3 x 12)
Reverse curl (3 x 20)

Shoulder press (3 x 6)
Skull crushers (3 x 12)
Tube triceps extension (3 x 20)

Full Body Workout (Today)
Each section was done as a circuit

Incline DB press (3 x 10)
\Abs (3 x 1:00)
SB handstand (3 x 10)

Versa (3 x 2:00)
DB fly pikes (3 x 10)
Lunge w/curl (3 x 10)

BOSU/SB tuck push ups (3 x 10)
Popover skiers (3 x 1:00)
BOSU DB row (3 x 10)

Before you go, I should mention that I finally got the results for my CSCS... I passed!  I ended up having to call the NSCA and they thought it was really strange that I didn't get the second half of my results too, but they made a PDF of the results and emailed it to me... so it's official I'm CSCS certified!  I can start putting initials behind my name now ;)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on passing your CSCS!!!!!!! That is super awesome and what a great cert to have. Well done!
    Your workout morning is intense! You deserved that lunch :)

  2. Congrats on getting certified!! What a workout you had! I am loving working out my upper body these days!

  3. @Katy @ Fit In Heels Thanks! I am super excited to have it finished, now all I have to do is maintain the cert!

  4. @Christina @ The Athletarian Thanks! I totally agree about the upper body workouts... they feel amazing!


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