Monday, November 14, 2011

First Snow Fall, Come & Gone

It is so incredibly bizarre to me that we do not have snow here in NW Wisconsin (well at least my town), but so many other places around the US and WI have tons of snow!  I can't get over it!  Well, we finally had our first snow fall last Thursday and it didn't stay real long. The weatherman is forecasting snow this week, but he has been saying it is coming for a couple weeks now... I want to keep not believing him.

Sending her off on the bus for school
We didn't get much and it didn't stay long, which is fine by me.  We have had an extremely mild winter so far this year, I love it!

Cute Gift Idea
It was my mom's birthday last week, part of the reason why I was slightly MIA last week, so my sister and I set out to be creative with her birthday gift.

We started out by making a huge mess...

Then found this cute little devil  to help make multiple jars of cookies (the dry ingredients only)...

We made 6 kinds of cookies/granola...Cowboy cookies, red velvet cookies, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, chocolate granola, oatmeal scotchies and white chocolate chip cookies. We wanted to give her treats that are different from the normal chocolate chip cookies, so I haven't necessarily tried all of the recipes... but I'm guessing they'll all be delicious!

After tying ribbon around each jar, we printed and jazzed up the recipes so my mom could add the wet ingredients to the dry and have an easy, fantastic treat at any moment.

Apple Pie Baking Day
Like I've said in the past, my family is huge on family time, not only have we started Grub Club which happens monthly, we also get together every year to bake pies.  Some years it is peach pies, other years, like year, it was apple pies since we did pie baking in the fall.

This is only a mere snap shot of the day.  We set ourselves up in an assembly line fashion- crust maker, crust roller, apple peelers, apple cutters, finisher-so all 8 of us had a job to do.  We made 25 pies (some baked, some unbaked/frozen) from 10am-3 pm.  It is a lot of work, but it doesn't seem like work when you're doing it with your family.  When we broke the costs down, we all pitched in $10 and we each walked away with 2-4 pies.  $5 is not too shabby for a delicious apple pie! 

New Goodies!
Last week I won the lovely Stephanie's Nuun giveaway and this week I received my package!

Not only did I get five different Nuun samples (lemon tea, fruit punch, strawberry lemonade, grape, and tropical), I also got a Nuun water bottle and she threw in a cute "Run for Fun" Bondi Band, which I am totally wearing for my race this weekend! I am going to share the Nuun love and give my sister a randomly mixed tube of Nuun so she can try it out too.  She is very excited to try it for the first time as well.

Nuun- I have only gotten to try the grape so far, and I just used it casually not while working out yet.  Flavor is good.  The part I'm nervous about it trying it while working out... I don't have a very good track record of sport drinks while running/working out, so we'll see how Nuun works with my body. I hope it's a winner!

Water bottle- I always love a new, quality water bottle! Even though it isn't pink (my favorite color), like my normal water bottle, I have been using it since it arrived!

Bondi Band- This was a total surprise in my package, but what a great surprise it was!  I love wearing it while I run because it reminds me why I run and why I should run, because it's FUN!  My favorite part about it though, is that is doubles as a winter head band, perfect for Wisconsin running!

How much snow do you have where you live?
What kind of traditions does your family have?
Has anyone else tried Nuun?  What'd you think? 


  1. YAYYYYY so happy you love it!! If you feel like nuun is too much, break it enough and only use half tablet. that is what i do and it helps me. Can't wait to hear how the race goes. keep me updated!

  2. I love that gift idea of all the jars of cookie ingredients, how cool!

  3. I love that bondi band! Lucky duck!! :)

  4. @StephanieUsed it today during my boot camp, run, and bike and it went well! I think it really might be a winner :)

  5. @Vanessa @ Gourmet RunnerIt's a super cute, easy idea and good for anyone! t can even be nice to make for yourself so it's nice and easy for you the next time you want cookies :)

  6. @Em I know I'm super excited! I wish I had a second to share with you!

  7. The gift idea is such a great one! I think I may use this for a few gifts this year :)

  8. @Tessa @ Amazing AssetYeah, it's a great gift idea... and it doesn't have to be limited to cookies!


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