Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fitness Challenges

This post is pretty much all about exercise!

How I have managed to maintain my weight for the last 3 years is beyond me! Yesterday I told myself that for every piece of left over Halloween candy I ate I had to do 10 reps of some exercise.  Well I ended up doing 7 exercises... really people, why do I have no self control?! I listed the exercises I did below...

10 skiers
5/5 step ups
10 rotator cuff exercise
10 hammer time (hit a tire with weighted hammer)
10/10/10 calf raises forward/in/out
5:00 elliptical

In addition to my candy eating punishment I walked a mile (warm up for boot camp), did 1 hour of boot camp and ran 2 miles later in the day.

Boot Camp
I can't remember if I told you all, but I started teaching a beginners boot camp class last week.  As of right now I'm just subbing, but I may end up teaching the next session which starts next week... I'm still waiting to hear if there are enough people signed up.  Today's class kept all of our heart rates up the entire class! I really wish I would've had a #Polar HRM or @bodybugg during this session to see what my numbers were throughout the class!  If you happen to have a @bodybugg try this workout and let me know how many calories you burned.

[Be sure to do a warm up before beginning this workout, or any workout for that matter]

What you'll need...mat, a medium and heavy set of weights, and a tube w/handles 

Circuit #1: Do the following exercises in order once using the first number of reps, then start the circuit again using the second number of reps.

Shelf squats    x 40   x30
Side lunges     x30    x20
Arnold press  x20    x10
Sprint sit ups  x20   x10 
Jumping jacks  :45   :45
Mt. climbers    :45   :35
Walk 1 lap around gym

Circuit #2: Do in the same manner as the first circuit.

Jack crunches          x40   x30
Squat w/tube curls   x30   x20
Tube hi-rows           x20   x10
Single leg bridges     x20   x10
Skaters      :45   :45
Hi skips     :45   :45
Walk 1 lap around gym

My Fitness Challenges/Motivation

1.) Log it! 

Two weeks ago I started logging all of my workouts in a notebook. I log the type of activity, the location, temperature, duration, warm up and cool down, and distance (I need more room so I can put pre- and post-workout meals). This is mostly to track my running mileage so I build up mileage correctly, the highlighted areas on the paper are my weekly running mileage.

2.) Earn Money! 

How do I earn money through fitness you're wondering.  Well last week I created my running motivator...for every mile I run I get to put a penny into my motivation jar!  I'm excited to see how many miles I run over the course of the next year. I plan to use the money I earn through running on running gear or put it towards a race fee. Now, if only I could get someone else to pay me for every mile I run...any takers?! ;)

What you need to make it...

Mod Podge
Inspirational clippings

Paint the area you are using with mod podge, then place your clippings on the mod podge and finally mod podge over the top of your clippings.  Let's review... mod podge-clippings-mod podge. Super simple!  It takes a while to dry, but the white streaks from the mod podge do disappear as it dries!

The final product!

Inside view

Be creative and do it however you like... it's your motivator :)

3.) Pile On The Miles

From Nov. 1 to Nov. 24 I will be recording the number of miles I walk and/or run and submitting them to Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat to be entered in some awesome drawings!  If you're interested in joining contact Monica!

4.) 100 push up challenge...because I want to do a handstand push up like Caitlin!

Based on my initial test (12 push ups), today I did 5 sets with the following reps: 10-12-7-7-max (at least 9) 12. Day one down!

What are your current fitness challenges and motivators?  
Any tough workouts?... send 'em my way, I always love a new challenge :)


  1. I love your running penny jar - I might have to steal that one! I did the 100 push-up challenge for a few months. It was great! Got up to 60 and stopped, but I would like to start it again soon.

  2. That jar is a great idea! I love to make stuff like that :) I really ought to participate in the 100 push up challenge.. I only can do like errr 15 right now!

  3. @Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner Steal away :) 60 push ups is a lot! I can't wait to work my way up to that level!

  4. @Tessa @ Amazing AssetYeah I'm pretty weak with push ups too! Now that they keep coming up more and more in my boot camp classes, I want to be able to do them all boy style, instead of on my knees.

  5. i LOVE the idea of the penny jar! i'm totally going to do something like that for miles in 2012!!!

  6. @Elise You totally should, it's fun to see the money/miles pile up :)

  7. @MacThat's exactly my thing too! Hop on the bandwagon :)


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