Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Healthier Quest

It has come to my attention that since I started my half-marathon training plan I have kind of let go on my eating habits.  Carbs have been the primary focus of my meals and my body feels different.  Although my weight has stayed the same, I feel "doughier" if you will.  I know my body needs carbs for fuel while I am training, however, many of the carbs have been from things like white bread, sweets, and other "bad" carbs.  

GOAL:  More fruits and veggies, and better carbs!

I started my morning off right with this lovely plate of goodies. 

Oranges, strawberries and caramel fruit dip
Does anyone else not like the white stuff on oranges? 

I'm not anal, but I do pick some of it off. 

Shopping Sunday
My groceries also coincided with my new goal, here's what I got.  

Pretzel crisps, barley, honey bran muffin mix, chocolate pudding powder from Weavers.  Weavers is a little store in Augusta, run by a group of Amish people.  It is a GREAT places!  They have everything you can imagine that is healthy and then they also have some great homemade sweets.  I got both of those big bags of pretzels crisps for $5!  BOGO deal they had going on :)

From Festival I picked up milk, tonic water, salad, cantaloupe, eggs, Virginia ham, cabbage, celery, blueberry yogurt, French toast bagels, and a kiwi.  I decided to try something a little different and bought some tonic water.  I have had tonic when I drink, however, I wanted to see if I could jazz it up with some fruit and enjoy it.  Has anyone else experimented with tonic water?

I'm off to enjoy my Sunday, I hope you do the same!  Happy Sunday Funday :)


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