Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Addition to the Family!

Yesterday my boy and I added a new addition to our little family, a beta fish!  Meet Luther!

Look at that little guy, isn't he adorable (the one above and below this comment ;) )

We sure love our new little fishy!  Since I live in La Crosse and he lives in Eau Claire, Luther is living with me!  Now, I just have to keep him alive, I didn't have very good luck this summer with other fish  :-/

Breakfast was a French toast bagel with cream cheese
Lunch was this lovely spread of goodies

Salad w/Virginia ham * Honey bran muffin * Cantaloupe * Pretzel thins * Carrots * Celery (w/peanut butter)

Very filling and I like having items like this because I can drag them out over a period of time... snack-like foods!

Dinner was leftover mac & cheese from last night & some pretzel thins with strawberry yogurt to dip them in (awesome combo!)

I just got finished baking cookies using the Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies recipe from  Runnerscookie.  I really like the taste of them, however, just a warning mine did not stick together very well when I tried to take them off the cookie sheet.  

Today my workout was a fairly quick one!  I did a track workout, 2 x 1600 m (8:30 pace), with 2 minutes of walking in between.  After the quick run, I hit the weights for about 20 minutes. 

Off to do some studying or maybe I'll just watch Luther swim around in his bowl :) 


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