Friday, March 18, 2011

If the body says no... listen!

Today was one of those days, when my body just said "no, I can't do everything you want me to today". My half-marathon training plan calls for an 8 mile run today, but because of the weather, the fact that I was sick this week and last week was the first time I ever ran 7 miles straight, I planned a slightly shorter run... 7.38 miles. Well I set out at 2:20 and had my heart set on being back by 3:30, an hour and 10 minute goal time.  At about mile 6, my body was donzo, needed a break! My right knee was acting up (haven't had problems with that since my basketball days), my heart rate spent 51 minutes out of my "heart rate zone" (over 180), which was due to the intense amount of hills on my route which I did not expect, and I did not bring water.  Yes I know, excuses, excuses!  But the "excuses" won today.  I am learning to listen to my body better. I ended up walk/running my last 1.38 miles and finished in 1 hour 20 minutes, not too far off from my goal.  I'm going to adjust my workout plan just a hair and work for 8 miles next week... oh yeah and start icing to prevent a something worse with my knee :)

Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios, slice of wheat toast w/butter
Snack: Rocky Road Cake Pop from Starbucks... I recommend! Moist, sweet, delicious and small!
Lunch: Red potato w/a little creamy broccoli soup overtop
Post-workout snack: Key lime pie flavored Greek yogurt
Dinner: ? Not sure yet ? What are you having for dinner?

A Moment in the Mind of a 5-Year-Old
Quote of my night last night at the sleepover I had with my almost 5-year-old niece, "Auntie Mac, a little guy came into our house last night and turned out milk green! I don't know how they did it and I don't know who it was! Isn't that so weird!" Have to love my sister and brother-in-law's little trick on my niece for St. Patrick's Day!  What did you do for St. Patrick's Day?

My niece this summer

How is your bracket doing after all of yesterday's games? Alright off to enjoy more March Madness!


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