Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Whew!  The hard, stressful part of my week is finally over!  My three exams are done with, now I just wait for results and finish the work week out :-/  Even though I'm not looking forward to the score part, I am looking forward to what comes after the work week is over... SPRING BREAK!  I have never been more ready and more in need of a spring break ever in my life, so the timing is perfect!  I am not going anywhere, but it will give me time to relax :)

Aside from my tests I have had a crazy busy week with intramurals because it is tournament week this week! As of tonight I am finished with intramurals for the week.  Due to tournament time my week has been extremely active and my body is feeling it!

Monday- Lift . Track workout . Basketball game . Volleyball game .
Tuesday- Run 4 miles . 2 volleyball games.... 4's volleyball CHAMPIONS baby!!
Wednesday- Basketball game... I had to take it easy today, because I have a 7 mile run ahead of me   tomorrow!

Yes, you heard me correctly, 7 miles tomorrow... this is untrotted territory for me!  It just snowed today and it's really yucky outside so I think I am going to run on the treadmill tomorrow so I don't ruin my new shoes.  Wish me luck!

Today's post is really lame, I apologize but it's been a crazy, busy week... time for this kid to get some much needed zzzzz.  Good night!


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