Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Diary

Healthier Quest Update
Since my quest for a healthier diet I have come up with bigger and better reasons to be on this quest... my bowels are all out of whack.  A few years ago I went to the doctor because my stomach would get incredibly uncomfortable and painful and my bowels would be all out of sorts.  Despite their efforts they weren't EXACTLY sure what was wrong, but they thought it was irritable bowl syndrome.  Since then, I haven't had quite the issues I used to, but it has recently started acting up.  This being said I am going to start a food diary.  I wish I could just use my blog, however, I haven't been keeping very good record on here. I have used food diaries in the past, but have never went back and studied my records, but this time I intend to so I can see if there are any patterns.  Have you ever kept good records of your diet?  How did you evaluate and "study" your records afterwards?  Any tips or good resources would be much appreciated!

On another note, Luther, my beta fish is still alive!  He hasn't really been eating though, makes me nervous :-/

Happy Monday!


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