Sunday, August 14, 2011

$30 Well Spent

Between my random eats...

Toasted English muffin, Pepper Jack cheese & jam 

Grilled BBQ summer squash 
 This is where I spent pretty much my entire weekend... at work. 

I worked Friday 4:45-7:30am and 12-5pm, Saturday 5:45am-12, and Sunday 10:45am-4pm.  Granted this was only about 14 hours at the Y and 5 hours at my internship, the early mornings made me so tired for the rest of Friday and Saturday, so I didn't do a whole lot outside of taking a nap and watching TV.  Even though I was wiped out I did manage to get my booty out for a 4 mile run Friday and a 2.5 mile run today.  According to my fitness plan I was supposed to run 8 miles, however, the official (unofficial ) start of my half marathon training is starting at a different point.  I was planning on doing a half marathon in La Crosse in September, but I decided to buck up and take on a challenge and do the one in Eau Claire, where I'm living... even if it is going to be a hilly one.  This will give me more prep time plus I won't have to worry about finding sleeping arrangements for the weekend and it won't dominate my entire weekend since it is an in town one. The race is called the Harvest Hustle, although it is part of a preexisting race, this is a new distance added to the event!  This makes me a little apprehensive, but like I said, I decided to buck up and take on the challenge.  The race goes through the countryside of Eau Claire, and from what I understand it ends at the apple orchard where there will be some activities.  Fun, no?  If there's anyone in the area reading this, let me know if you're running this event.  I will post my training plan soon, it is a Hal Higdon specialty :)

On another note... I bought myself three new pairs of workout shorts! Wahoo!  I have been wanting to buy more running shorts for the longest time, because I hate running in my big, long, baggy basketball shorts.  As a former basketball player my workout wardrobe is 90% basketball shorts.  I just feel so slow and constricted in them, so I am happy to have my nice short running shorts! The best part about it... I got them for $30!  Target had a great sale that I found out about yesterday, reversible or mesh running shorts for $9.99 a piece!  By the time I got there yesterday they were pretty picked through, but I still found a few pairs I liked. 

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