Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Point Proven = Workout Fail

I guess it's true what my professor and all the strength and conditioning literature I have read say when they tell you that you should not just give someone a workout from a well-trained athlete.  I found out first hand that this just doesn't work.  Now don't get me wrong, I know that you can't just hand any who-ha off the street a workout that someone well-trained does, however, that doesn't mean that I still don't like to try to see if I can't do it! Take a look...

Workout of an Olympic marathon runner 
3 x 3 mins
@8 mph & 8.5% incline
@8.5 mph & 7.5% incline
@ 9 mph & 6.5% incline

My modified version (because I know I can't do the real deal)
3 x 3 mins
@7 mph & 7.5% incline
@7.5 mph & 6.5% incline
@8 mph & 5.5% incline

My actual workout (FAIL)
3 x 1:30 mins
@7 mph & 7.5% incline

3 x 1 min
@7.5 mph & 6.5% incline

1 x 1 min
@8 mph & 5.5% incline

Granted my actual workout was a total fail from what I wanted to do and what was on my fitness plan (I did 2 miles, planned to do 3... 1 mile short won't kill me), this was still a killer workout.  I was spent after this 25 minutes on the treadmill.  Now since I couldn't do it this time around, it is my goal to finish "my modified version" of the workout.  You'll be seeing this one again in the future! Try it out and let me know how far you can go!

English muffin w/cheese & marinara sauce

Salad w/grilled chicken & French dressing


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