Sunday, August 21, 2011

Date is Set

In case you haven't noticed my blogging has decreased from daily to about 3-4 times a week since the beginning of the summer.  For those of you who have been following me regularly you know that the first half of my summer (summer school, living in La Crosse on my own) is greatly different from the second half of my summer (working an internship and a part time job, living in Eau Claire with my boyfriend).  Now that I live in Eau Claire I am so much more busy than I ever was in La Crosse, which leaves me with less time to blog.  So for all my amazing readers out there, plan on seeing only 3-4 posts a week :) 

Today is another one of these days...

My studying will soon be coming to an end.  I officially scheduled my CSCS exam for Sept. 2!  I'm really excited, but I'm also really nervous because one of my friends just failed one of the portions of the exam.  :-/  But I am trying to push that out of my mind as much as I can, and focus on me, my test and my preparation. If anyone has study tips for this exam PLEASE let me know! 

Also on the slate for today is a 4 mile run! I'll be getting out real soon to get my run on! 

Question for you all:  I have been trying to recruit friends to run with me on long runs, even if they just run for a couple miles with me, but no dice. Any suggestions of different approaches or websites I can find local runners at?  I am working on starting a running club at the Y, but that may be a little while before it gets off the ground.  

My weekend as a whole has been pretty relaxing, which was just what I needed after working 12 days in a row for 8 hours a day... ahhh relaxation!  Saturday my man and I went to Menomonie to check out the Grid Iron Classic that one of our friends was playing in (he's one of the coaches).  Unfortunately they lost, but luckily it was a gorgeous day and the concession stand sold licorice ropes so it was all good! Side note: normally I'm a popcorn girl at games, but I was totally feeling the licorice rope instead :)  

Later that night we met up with our friend and headed out for a night on the town!  My work schedule has me working early mornings and until 8pm on most nights, so I don't really go out very much.  Plus my stomach doesn't handle drinks all that well... I can't determine if it's the alcohol or just the mixer (ie: pineapple juice, tonic, etc.) because I don't drink much outside of milk, water and sport drinks on a regular basis.  That is kind of besides the point...

Most exciting thing of the night is we found out one of the bars in Eau Claire sells bottles of Boones Farm, classy I know, so naturally I got one... I did a pathetic job on it and ended up leaving a pretty full bottle on the counter on the way out of the place... oh well, only $3! 

On Friday I spent my morning at my two jobs and working out.  

My workout: 
  • Mile repeats (3)
  • In between each mile were some abs
    • 10- VASA crunches
    • 20- SB leg splits on slider board
    • 10- Sit up punches w/5 lb weights 
    • 20- Plank taps 
After working out I headed my man's football game. He is the running backs coach for one of our local high schools here.

The boys did a great job and pulled out a win!  They play La Crosse Central every year and this is the first year they have beaten them!  Go Huskies!

Post game I went to dinner with my boyfriend's mom where I got a portabella mushroom sandwich, best decision on my life!  I will be trying to make portabella mushrooms with her someday.  I'll be sure to report how it goes!  

Grandma and Grandpa were in town so I met up with them and at the truck show that was in town... I know, only in Wisconsin lol! The truck show had all sorts of fire trucks, semis, dump trucks, etc. 

Go Pack Go!

This semi had a big screen TV built into the side of it!
Smoky & the Bandits was the feature movie !
The most impressive truck there was definitely the truck designed in memory of 9-11.  This truck was decked out with symbolism! One side of the truck had a picture of the twin towers and pentagon, along with an airplane with the numbers 175, 11, and 77 for the flight numbers that hit buildings, and a list of some police, investigators, etc. who lost their lives helping during the tragedy.

The hitch (or whatever it is called) looked like an American flag draped over a casket.  You can also see in the picture below that there was a picture of hedge stones lined up, all of them had names on them.  

One of the most breathtaking pieces of the truck was the front of the trailer, where all of the fire fighters, fire marshals, and other rescue men/women who lost their lives were listed.  I never realized the amount of rescuers who lost theirs in the process of saving others. I'm not sure what the final number was, but seeing actual names, including some people from the same family, was incredibly impressive.  It really made me think about my life and how truly lucky I am.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?


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