Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad News Bears

Bad news bears over here in Wisconsin! My computer crashed today :(  Not exactly sure what the issue is, but I tried to turn it on twice today and no signs of life.  Maybe the third time is the charm?  I am currently at Panera, using my friend computer (I'm supposed to be doing homework, shh don't tell on me :-P ), so no real time to write much of a post, but I'll try it again when I return to my apartment. My plan is to take my computer to ITS (Information Technology System) on campus to see if they can figure out what is wrong with it, goodness know how long that will take.  But I'm hoping I can get back to the regular program tomorrow using the library's computer.  If anybody happens to have an extra computer lying around they don't want, feel free to ship it my way ;) But in all reality, if you know of any great deals on Apples or have any computer recommendations (besides HP, that's what I currently have and I'm over them) let me know!  Wish  me luck! 


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