Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Working Again!

Wahoo my computer is working again! I remembered that I had an old computer cord from may last computer (same HP) laying around, and since I was determined that the cord was the issue I tried the old cord in my "new" computer.... BINGO!  I'm back in action!  I am still taking recommendations for computers, because I WILL be buying a new one once I get some money saved up.  


So let's take it back to yesterday, because I had some yummy eats!

Mango!  They're my favorite fruit and favorite flavor.  Just because they're my favorite, doesn't mean I know how to eat them though.  What's the best way to chop/eat a mango? I always have the toughest time with these, I mean what the heck is that hard thing in the middle of it... In.The.Way. of my enjoyment!

Hot Alfredo Pasta!

Cook up 3 handfuls spinach & onion

Cook a box of noodles, drain, add 1/2 jar of Alfredo + 1/4 c
water + lots of Louisiana hot sauce!

Add spinach & onion and mix everything together.
While studying at Panera Bread I ordered 1/2 a Mediterranean sandwich and a small bowl of veggie pesto soup!  Both were killer, but I am sad that remaking the sandwich is going to be quite difficult unless I figure out what the red sauce was.  All I can tell you about the sauce was that it seemed to be olive oil based, tasted kind of like an Asian sauce, and it had a kick to it... anyone, anyone?

Aside from the red sauce the sandwich also had avocado (sold me on this ingredient!), cucumber, spinach, feta cheese, red peppers, and tomato.  Has anyone else had this sandwich? What is your favorite Panera Bread sandwich? The soup had barley, veggies, pesto and a beef-type broth.  This meal made up for my broken computer :)


  1. Just found your blog through a comment on PB Fingers. I go to La Crosse too, it's nice to find someone that's a little more local.

  2. @Samantha I absolutely LOVE La Crosse, my past 5 years here have been amazing! I am unfortunately on my last month living here and then I move back to Eau Claire, unless fate (aka a job) should bring me back :) Thanks for stopping over, hope you like what you see!

  3. Sandwich looks great--I love Panera so much!

  4. Mangoes are my favorite too. I peel them first, then cut big chunks off of the pit. They are a pain but so worth it! :-)

  5. @Holly (Faith, Food, Fitness) This was my first time to Panera in 2 years! The last time I was there was for my birthday in 2009! Love the place though!

  6. @Laura (LunaChickRuns) I know, it's a love-hate relationship, but so worth it when you taste that sweet, juicy flavor in your mouth! Mmmmm mmmm!


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