Friday, June 17, 2011

Bruschetta Recipe & Other New Things

I had/got/tried SO many new things today!  I am super excited to tell you about all of them! 


I started my day off with a sweat session 45 minute bike ride (3 x 12 minute climbs) and 20 minutes of lifting/abs. This was followed by my old boss flagging me down telling me she had some samples for me!  I am not one to refuse free items, so I graciously accepted! 

G Series Fit
In my little sample there is a pre-workout, during-workout, and post-workout snack/drink.  Seeing as how I got these items after my workout, when I got home I popped open the recovery drink.  

120 cals, 2 g fat, 280 mg sodium, 35 mg potassium
14 g carbs, 1 g dietary fiber, 12 g protein
The stats weren't too bad.  

I didn't want to drink it room temperature like it was, so I poured it over ice.  It looked just like orange juice, but tasted much better!  It was fruity, not too sugary and it went down just like juice, not with some weird consistency.  I think I might try the pre-workout snack tomorrow before my run.


With Recovery Gatorade I had lunch.  Yesterday while I was at Panera Bread, I swiped a packet of this Mayo with Olive Oil.  I have never tried this, and I normally don't eat mayo because it's just not good for you. But they sell it at the co-op and I've heard about it, so I decided why not try it... I mean I got this little packet for free. [Note: I really was going to use it on my sandwich until I got the sandwich and realized there was already sauce on it.]

Verdict: I didn't think it tasted any different from regular mayo.  So I guess if it is better for you (and I haven't sat down to compare all the stats, but it is supposed to be) I guess I would use this over the regular stuff.  But like I said, I don't use mayo very much in the first place, unless it is for a salad or sometimes for tuna.  

Hummus, spinach, black beans, cheese, tomato, Mayo w/Olive Oil

Don't forget dessert (not new)!  I had a hankering for some chocolate, so luckily I have a stash of chocolate in my apartment. 

Yes chocolate basketballs!  When I graduated from college my Godmother bought me about 1,500 chocolate basketballs... one for every point I scored playing college basketball!  Very sweet and thoughtful of her, but I still have some two years later.  My stash is finally nearing the end, after forcing these on co-workers and sending some home with my niece every time she visited... that's what aunts are for right?  

Chocolate & PB - my fav!

After lunch I sat down to work on my strength and conditioning project. 

When all of a sudden I hear a knock at the door.  Knock, knock.  Who's there?  UPS!  

UPS finally arrived with my Sport Science t-shirt that I won in a giveaway from I Run Like a Girl!

Off with the leopard print tank top, on with the tie died v-neck!  I really like this top, it is fitted very nicely and has all the "girl" features of a t-shirt: v-neck, short sleeves, long and narrow body  (key for a tall girl like me!).  Not to mention the 80% polyester material is quite comfortable.  You may be seeing me in this shirt for my 10K next weekend, just saying :)


Last, but not least, tonight was my first time making bruschetta!  My good friend Carrie came over wanting to make bruschetta so off to the kitchen we went!

1/2 red onion
2 tomatoes
1/4 c (ish) olive oil
Fresh basil
1/8 c (to taste) Balsamic vinaigrette
1-2 cloves chopped garlic 
Parmesan cheese
Bread (buns, French, whatever you prefer)

(You really don't have to measure stuff out for this recipe, just play it by ear & taste bud.)

Chop up onions and tomatoes and place in a large bowl.  Add the majority of the olive oil, Balsamic vinaigrette, and basil and mix together.  If you have time let this mixture set in the refrigerator for a while so the flavors can mesh.  Mix the rest of the olive oil (3-4 Tbsp, as needed) and the chopped garlic in a small bowl and spread on the bread.  You want the bread to soak up the olive oil a little so that after you put the bread in the oven it will have a crisp top.  Bake the bread in the oven at 400 degrees for 5-10 minutes or until the bread is slightly brown.  Spoon some of the bruschetta over the bread and top off with a little Parmesan cheese. Bon appetit!

And thus concludes my night!  Which new thing was your favorite?  Have you tried/done anything new this week? 


  1. I tried the Strawberry Banana recovery drink and spit it out :( Maybe that flavor is better?

  2. @Mellissa To be honest I don't remember what flavor it was, but was the one you tried a G Series "Fit" one or was it a different series? I didn't realize until I wrote this post that there were different series... maybe there's a different depending on the series you try?


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