Friday, June 10, 2011

Livin' Part of Life!

Today was such a crazy, busy, fun, exciting day!  I did so many things that I don't always do, so I will try to keep this brief while telling you all the great things I did!

  • Lunch date with one of my old college roommates at Tequilas (of course a margarita was in order)!
Here's a throw back photo for you :)
On my plate was one enchilada and one chalupa with a side of rice... mmmm mmm! If I wouldn't have been in public I probably would have licked my plate clean ;)

  • Cake balls & a warm latte on a cold day
Lemon & red velvet!

  • Fishing with the kid I "friend sat" today.

  • Old McDonald's (as my niece calls it) per request by the boy I "friend sat"
My menu choice was the Southwest salad... I just ate half of it, since I had a late lunch.  If it is still good, it will make an appearance for lunch tomorrow. 

  • Out to my favorite restaurant in town (Buzzard Billy's) with my friend's parents... even if all I did eat was hush puppies since I ate dinner already. 

  • Played softball on Carrie's team since they were short players... we were SO bad (lost 26-6), but it was still entertaining.  I think I am a little too competitive to play in a league like this, where people drink beer while they play and the umpire flirts with our catcher.  
  • Finished the night off with a snack size Rolo McFlurry, compliments of my dear friend Carrie as a thank you for playing on the team tonight.  Totally did not need this, but who am I to say no to ice cream?  PS I think this is the first time ever in my life in which I made two trips to McDonald's in one day haha!

A few things before I go...

1.) Carrie and I never did finish our project last night, so the final photo will have to wait. 
2.) What do you call it when you watch a kid that is 9 years old?  Babysitting?  Friend sitting?  I had this discussion with Carrie's parents today and they call it friend sitting, which is weird to me.  At the same time though, it is weird for me to say that I am babysitting a 9 year old, because he is not a baby at all.  What's your take?
3.) I won a giveaway today from Melody at I Run Like A Girl!  

Thanks Melody and Sport Science!


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