Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Fitness Plan

I don't normally do this, but I would like to start adding this in weekly...a weekly fitness plan! I normally have some idea of what I am going to do before I do the workout, but this way I can look back and check out my progress.  Another reason is because I want to build up my running mileage, which  I have been saying for a while, but hopefully physically writing it down I will actually do that. Hold me accountable guys! So without further ado here is this week's plan...

Monday- 2 mile run (spent most of the day working on my project, I'll make up for it later in the week)
Tuesday- 4 mile run (check!), 10 laps in the pool (check!), afternoon strength work out (check!), extra unplanned 30 minute bike ride (check!)
Wednesday- 3.5 mile run, yoga (not sure how long yet, I'll be doing an online video)
Thursday- Strength workout, basketball game (My league starts this week! Wahoo!!)
Friday- 5 miles (hopefully I'm not too sore from the game)
Saturday- 30-45 minutes cross training

Total miles: 14.5

Breakfast was a bowl of Fruit Loops, I know pure sugar. I don't normally have this stuff, but when my cousin was here last week she left a ton of her snacks/food here.  I took a bunch home, but I still had some.  These are all things that I like and used to eat, but they aren't really good things for you.  Look at all the stuff she left me!


Don't worry there were also some apples and milk in the refrigerator too!  I took full advantage of those apples for a mid morning snack.  

Rewind...After my run and 5 minute swim... don't judge me, I'm not a swimmer (clearly) lol!...I put a a little protein in my body for recovery.

Can anyone guess what this mystery protein drink is? I will be doing a giveaway tomorrow of this mystery protein drink!  The first person who correctly guesses what this protein mix is I will give you a free entry! Be sure to stop back tomorrow to enter in the giveaway and to find out what it is!

The rest of my eats are not worth mentioning other than I ate like total crap today.  My day was really  snacky and I felt like most of my snacks we not good ones, thanks to the left over stuff above.  Anyway, tomorrow's a new day!


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