Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Track workout & GIVEAWAY!

Staying on track with  my weekly fitness plan I went for my run this morning. Instead of a long slow run though, I did a modified pyramid track run.

Modified Pyramid                                       Full Pyramid
Warm up: 400, dynamic stretch                    Warm up: 800, dynamic stretch

800                                                               800
600 * 600                                                     600 * 600
400                                                               400 * 400 * 400
200 * 200                                                     200 * 200 * 200 * 200

Cool down: 800, stretch                                Cool down: 800, stretch 

I was very proud of myself for taking the time to cool down and stretch today, I'm terrible at doing this, even though this is what I preach with my program designs.  That is the one area I need to get better at as far as "practice, what you preach" goes.  I did about 5 minutes of abs after stretching on the turf too.  I think I was okay taking my time stretching and doing abs because it was SO gorgeous out this morning!  

Pre-workout: cocoa puffs (I just can't let them go to waste!) --> didn't feel the greatest while running 

Okay now that you have all just skipped the entire first part of the post, since you know I have a giveaway, here it is!

So, remember that mystery protein drink I had yesterday?  Well, it was Gotein!

For those of you who are not familiar with Gotein, it is protein stick pack formulated for use in a standard water bottle for active individuals that are on the go all the time!  It comes in three flavors, all in which one lucky winner will get to try, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla!

I could tell you everything that is on the informational sheet that Gotein sent me, but that just wouldn't be fair.  So how DID I like it?  Well yesterday I tried the strawberry Gotein in just water.  It kind of reminded me a little of strawberry milk as a kid.  I wasn't crazy about that particular flavor (I think I'd like it better in a smoothie), but I did like how it mixed in so well!  I never came across any chunks or chalky residue, not even at the bottom of my cup, which I always dread.  It was incredibly convenient, like Gotein claims, to just toss the packet into a water bottle and head out the door while shaking it.  There was nothing messy about or difficult about it.  This morning after my workout I used half of a Gotein packet in a smoothie (I much prefer eating it this way)!  Adding this made my smoothie much more hearty, thick and it gave my smoothie the perfect hint of chocolate! Mmmm, mmm, mmm!

 Aside from aside from those things, I am pretty impressed by the nutrition label.  On average each pack (depends on the flavor) has17 g protein, 6 carbs, 24 vitamins & minerals and 105 calories.  I really like how low calorie this drink was for the amount of protein I was getting!  They are also pretty low in fat (2.5 g per packet) and low sugar (5 g carbs, 1 from sugar).  Note: This product contains milk and soy products. 

So now is your chance to try Gotein!  To enter into this giveaway for a sample packet of all three flavors do any of the following things (leave a message for each):

1.) Leave a message saying how you would use your Gotein (mandatory)
2.) Subscribe to Wealth is Health blog
3.) Follow me on Twitter
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5.) Mention this giveaway on your blog (link back here)
4.) Tweet this giveaway!

I will randomly choose a winner after the holiday weekend on Tuesday (July 5th) at 5 pm! Side note: to be eligible for this giveaway you must have a US mailing address.  You can go back up and read the rest of the post now ;-)


  1. Ughh track workouts make me die a bit inside, but they are so beneficial! Your modified version would no enough to kick my butt. Nice job warming up and cooling down too, I need to work on both of these!

    I would use gotein to add into smoothies! I am lovin smoothies now for summer and always am looking for ways to add flavor and a bit of extra protein :)

  2. I would definitely use the Gotein in smoothies. I still can't really stomach protein powder mixed only into milk or water. They sound cool though!

  3. i would love to try them in smoothies of course but maybe oatmeal too!


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