Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best Bread Ever!

I'm back!  I never really intended to be gone from my blog, but it just kind of happened due to a lack of internet connection.  I tried hitting up two different places (Borders and The Coffee Grounds) over the past couple days since I was in Eau Claire, and neither of them gave me a good connection.  I spent more time trying to get online and to websites than I did spending actual time doing anything worth mentioning, which was incredibly frustrating as I'm sure you have all experienced at some point.  So here's a mini recap of my past couple days in Eau Claire.

Snack for the road...

On my way into Eau Claire I stopped to see my sister, niece and nephew for a little bit.  Oliver got a new haircut (on accident) and still looks cute as ever!


 Quick poll, which look do you like better?

And of course my adorable niece :)

After playing Bingo, catch and many other games, I said goodbye and headed to the Express game!

Such a great stadium!

Out the door right away in the morning for a quick 5K run.  There were two things different about this run: 1) It was warmer than normal; 2) I had a change of scenery.  Instead of running on city streets or the occasional bike path, I set out to tackle the hills and boringness of country roads.  I was not a crazy fan of this change of scenery, maybe if I was at the point of my training where I was running longer distances I would appreciate it more.  

Evidence of the 90 degree weather

After the run, which took longer than normal due to the heat and hills, I showered up and headed into town to attempt to get some work done... FAIL!

Up to this point in my day pretty much all of my calories have come from coffee. What a way to go, right?!  Okay, so not very healthy for me, but I am all out of routine today.  Being in Eau Claire right now (at least until I move back that is) means I do not have my own refrigerator, cupboards, internet, etc.  The internet was so incredibly temperamental, so I spent the majority of my time trying to connect and refresh my pages than I did actually doing work.  

I headed out after I finished my large iced coffee (w/a shot of sugar-free raspberry) and sample mint chocolate frappacino and carrot cake, because Lord knows I didn't need more coffee and I needed more healthy fuel than what a large piece of carrot cake would give me.  

Next thing on the agenda, more play time with the kiddos and my sister!

No I am not naked, Kietra is just covering all of my suit
I left the kids in fear that I would start gobbling them up because it was 5:30pm and I hadn't had a thing to eat since 9am (totally not me!).  I hit up Burrachos for a burrito before the game. (Not pictured because it was eaten faster than my camera's shutter could move.)  After din din time, I met up with my man and we went to a second Express game!   After the first few innings the temperature dropped from 96 degrees to about 86 degrees, so it felt great to be outside (minus the knats)!  Two wins for the good guys while I was home :)

This morning was a bit of a whirlwind. I planned on heading out of EC right away in the morning, but that plan got nixed.  Instead of leaving right away at 8 which I planned, I got a call from my man at work and he needed me to pick up some pictures that he forgot to pick up for his class.  So I ventured over to Sharp Photo, only to find out that it was closed until 9... one hour to kill.  I then proceeded to the bank to deposit a check only to find out it was closed until 10... 50 minutes to kill.  Then my stomach started growling at me, telling me to go get something to eat, so I headed to this place...

I haven't been here in years, but I know they have AMAZING cookies (no I did not buy cookies for breakfast)!  I noticed they had table and chairs so I though maybe they had expanded there selection of sales... it used to be just cookies, breads, scones, that type of thing... well, it still is.  That wasn't exactly what I was looking for to start my day off.  I didn't want to turn and walk out of the store without purchasing any thing (anyone else that way?) so I bought this wonderful loaf of bread, called Dakota!

Dakota stats & ingredients

I could not wait to try this stuff when I got home!... 30 minutes to kill.

After leaving Great Harvest my stomach was still yelling at me, because it had not had breakfast yet!  So I swung on over to The Coffee Grounds, because it was in the neighborhood.  Finally food!

Mango flavored iced coffee with an egg sandwich
on a whole grain bagel, pepper jack cheese & sun dried tomatoes!

Delicious breakfast, check! Although the food was awesome, I had troubles with connecting to the internet here as well :(  Luckily though, by this time it was time to pick up the pictures and deliver them to the school.  

Two slices of Dakota (to die for!) bread, 2 hours of class and a glass of chocolate milk later, here I am back in La Crosse catching up with all my the lovely blog posts I missed over the past couple of days.  I probably won't be able to get to all of the posts, so help me out... did I miss anything big?


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